Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Perfect Lines: Proenza Schouler Spring-Summer 2014

The Proenza Schouler girl has always been uber-cool.  For their latest collection, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough's added a bit of chicness to their signature cool.  Within their neutral palette they added amazing textures and the right amount of metallics. The slick hair and minimalistic makeup mimicked the clothing perfectly.  This collection is just perfect all around.  


Images via Style

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mad for Pestels: Mad Men Season 6

*Spoiler Alert* 

As season six of Mad Men started, I was quite disappointed with the plot line and more importantly the costumes.  You can't blame the costume designer on the costumes because it's set in 1968 and that's when fashion went down hill. However, this week's episode 'The Better Half' the fashion was impeccable. I loved the use of pastels in different characters clothes.  The highlight of the show was the return of Betty in that amazing yellow gown with a cape. Wow! 


Images via Tom & Lorenzo

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MET 2013 Best Dressed: Ashley Olsen

Since the organizer's of the MET gala started inviting more of the Hollywood crowd, the sartorial choices on the red carpet have gone down the drain.  Looking at the images yesterday of the event I was very disappointed.  First of all, I hate the heme of this year's exhibition PUNK: Chaos to Couture because if you're really a punk you don't really care about fashion.  And Second, even if I dislike this year's theme no one really really tried hard to look punk.  Nevertheless, there was one outfit I loved and it was not punk.  A beautiful orange vintage Dior gown worn by Ashely Olsen.  This is how the proper fashion set does it.


Image via Style. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The April Review : The D's

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

Bulky silhouettes that keep you warm and deliver in the style element are keepers - and I might I add very flattering silhouettes as well.

Diesel Black Gold
Defiantly what Trinity would have worn if the Matrix was shot this year - I dig it.

Dion Lee
 A very refreshing take on FW - the colors and fabrics chosen are what we are used to see in SS.


The DKNY girl has grown up, her taste has refined and she's going places with her career - so naturally, her wardrobe has evolved with her. The line still has that youth factor, just a bit more aware.

Beautiful craftsmanship, embellishments that heighten these pieces from clothing to art - pair any of the embellished sweaters with leather baggy pants for an urban look and you're set. And those beautiful red encrusted diaper shorts? a grey over-sized sweater sweater and a beanie.

Androgyny and femininity perfectly blended into one concise collection - all I ever wanted.


Images via Style

Friday, April 5, 2013

The April Review : The C's

Calvin Klein Collection

Very strong silhouettes and tough fabrics were the key players this season, which catered to powerful driven women, a sentiment I adhere to.


There's a different approach  this season, a softer and more feminine feel to the collection - that is apparent by the silhouettes and choice of fabrics as well, but still very Philo. I'm usually not attracted to mermaid skirts, however, the the balance created with the slouchy boxy tops makes them work.

Chadwick Bell

Subtle chicness translated through the use of simplicity. Easily an urban woman's uniform.


Opposed to Philo, Waight Keller went with the tougher look this season which is a refreshing take for the label. It seems like the Chloe girl has broken out of her shell and has blossomed into a woman that knows what she wants and dresses the part.

Christian Dior

Elegant lady-like silhouettes that will translate into any season due to their timeless design.

Christian Wijnants

A fresh and airy approach to Fall - the perfect pieces to thrown on an walk out the door without looking disheveled.

Cristophe Lemaire

This collection evoked something very Parisian chic - the slouchy fit of the coat and pant suit just felt oh so very analogously chic. I could almost these girls on their vélomoteur with a bouquet of fresh flowers and some pastries in their baskets pedaling away in the city of love.

Clover Canyon

A much more feminine and softer collection than I what I usually go for, but there was something just so fresh and innocent about these pieces that appealed to me. Perhaps it was the guts of this feminine women to pair these pieces with the unexpected. The styling, I believe, makes this collection more attractive to a wider audience.


A very "current" collection of mixing masculine & feminine textures and silhouettes. There is nothing out of the ordinary here but it is all very well executed.

 Cushnie et Ochs

One brand - two looks - day and night


Images via Style


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