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Ways To Level Up Fast in Hay Day In 2 Hours

Posted at June 13, 2016 2:53 by admin in Games

Hello friends this time to share a trick game Hay day you can play in android or Ios, 8 ball pool hack and here I want to try to share about how to keep the account level hayday us to rapidly rising levels possible with just need 2 hours you are at level 10. by raising the level of hay day course you can open multiple shop is adrift with the level and the most important thing that you will quickly complete the missions in this game, now for those of you who want to try this trick please try it.

Hay Day is one of the game Air genre farm simulation in which you are required to be farmers to life in hayday can run smoothly, by playing this game well then you will quickly raise the level to the highest target. Okay just here I want to review the details of the step by step so that you can quickly raise the level without complicated, please mate follow this trick carefully lest anyone missed the tutorial ya.

Ways To Level Up Fast in Hay Day

How To Level Up Fast Ampub Hay Day:

From level 1 to 10 is quite easy, in 2 hours only we could go straight up to level ten home know how. The fastest way is to plant wheat (grain).
These plants can be harvested within 2 minutes, meaning that every two minutes we will get a point. Each time the harvested wheat or corn is just sold cheaply. For example 10 1 coin selling wheat and corn sales 10 20 coin.

If we sell at the maximum price ascertained while to sell the crops so that the silo will be filled. If the silo is full of course we can not grow anymore, otherwise there would be no plant that can be harvested, and jiak no harvest then no points, no point means it will not level up.
First start playing games hayday just planting wheat, wait 2 minutes, yields and direct selling cheap. While plant doing well quest (demand) contained on the board near the truck.

Use all the diamonds to add slot commodity place. To add slot commodity place we need five diamonds per slot or add facebook friends who play the game hayday many as five people.
The most easy and free of course by clicking on the facebook add another hayday player. Do I go to the forum hayday in FB and add all the players. Usually they will approve request of fellow players this android game.

Remember each got a drop items such as plank, nuts and items to increase the capacity of silo or barn must not be sold.
Collect these items and increase the capacity of our silo and barn. At a certain level we can ask the TOM to find the items that we need, in this case the advantage of the Tom to look for items that can not be planted and can not be produced, such as shovels, saws and axes. Buy this item from tom and sell back at a maximum price.

My advice do not sell all the shovels, dynamite, TNT also. These objects will be required to mine gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.
From the mines we can get a lot of diamonds, this diamond has many uses such as increasing the capacity of the market, and also increase the production slot silo and barn. The mine could be opened after we entered level 24.
Here’s How To Level Up Fast Both Hay Day:

truck Order
Never be afraid to fill Truck Orders loss, why? Because unless we get a Gold, we will also get enough EXP.
Filling orders from the boat is very much more profitable than filling orders on a truck. Because not only when filling stuff only we get EXP and Gold
If you rarely produce processed products should focus on planting seeds or seedlings last most recently at the level of you and so you will get a huge amount of experience per harvest and will also get the Gold from the Store Roadside.
Picking fruit
Picking fruit will also provide a lot of EXP and Gold but the disadvantage is that the tree could wither and must be cut down so as not to meet the plantation slot.
Gives visitors the agricultural / plantation / phishing / product
Filling orders on a truck or a boat at the time of Order Event Double EXP and Gold will also speed up leveling up.

Now that the recent reviews about Ways To Level Up Fast in Hay Day hopefully can help you guys like to play this game is very powerful trick once accelerate your level becomes higher and richer.

Gallery of Ways To Level Up Fast in Hay Day In 2 Hours

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